Leading Spiral Hose Guard Manufacturer

A worldwide reference in hose and cable protection

We manufacture Spiral Guards from Øint from 8mm to 210mm

in any lengths and any colors

ANTISTATIC is now available.

Spiral Guard = Safety Guard for the workers !

Extend the lifetime of your hoses, reduce machine downtime, save money !

PRENASPIRE hose guard is widely used worldwide, in every sectors (civil engineering, mining, Oil&Gas, industries, agriculture, forests, airports, drilling sites…).


Used worldwide since 1996, our spiral wrap is famous for being the most long-lasting and optimal hose protection of the market.


Unreliable hose guard will break in no time, or worse, damage your hoses.

You can trust our hydraulic spiral hose protection, which is entirely manufactured in our factory France, with the hightest quality material and finition.


We accommodate your smallest requests to your biggest.

We do ship worldwide. Or simply have it collected at our factory in France, with your own transporteur.


Foy any inquiries or order, please contact us at :

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Brochure Spiral Guards (English)
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